May Newsletter

Hello from Terry Kidd, President/CEO

The spring has started with the rain that we see coming down quite regularly now and everyone knows that once it stops flowers will start to grow and bloom and weeds to grow. And just like the world is changing so is Bluegrass Community FCU.
I would like to take a moment before talking about some of our upcoming changes to remind everyone that we all should be striving for a greener more sustainable way of business. That is one of the reasons why I would like to remind everyone to sign up for E-statements. I encourage everyone to go to their online banking accounts, and the Account Statement link and to sign up today.
Bluegrass Community FCU has an exciting new product that is rolling out this month. I am very happy to now offer our membership a way to get out of the vicious Payday Loan Cycle. This program known as the Payday Loan Program provides a member with up to $500 that they can payback over several months that will help them out of the payday loan cycle. I want this program to be the way towards financial freedom that I know some of Bluegrass Community FCU’s members want but can’t seem to find. This is a way to build a member’s credit score and get the financial independence they deserve for all the hard work they do.
We are unfortunately experiencing some staff changes that I would like to acknowledge. Tammie Jenkins after many great years of service here at the credit union has decided to start her retirement in Florida early. She is taking a position down in Florida, which will deprive us of her knowledge and expertise. However, I wish her the best and to enjoy all the sunshine on the beach she can. Tammie started at Bluegrass Community FCU on November 2, 2009 as the receptionist down at the 2205 Carter Ave building, once moving to our current location Tammie has held the positions of Teller, Head Teller, and Loan Officer. We have some new faces in the Teller line now with the addition of Amanda Hanshaw who will is currently our Assistant Head Teller in training. She has been here for almost three weeks and has fitted in as a natural part of the Bluegrass Community FCU family, and another addition we recently added is Stephanie Stevens. When you get a chance come by and see our new ladies and introduce yourselves, they will provide the great customer service experience that you come to expect from the staff of Bluegrass Community FCU. Every member here is a person to us with an individual name and family, our members are not numbers.
The end of this month is the end of the 2013-2014 Vacation Club everyone can come by the credit union June 1st to pick up their checks or we will be mailing them out. So make sure that you have the correct mailing address on file with us. As the 2013 Club period comes to an end I encourage everyone who hasn’t already signed up to do so now. The sooner you do the bigger your 2015 Vacation or home improvement will be.
Also we currently have a 2005 Chevrolet Malibu with 225,000 miles for sale. This vehicle will be up for bid until May 14th 2014 with a minimum bid of $1,599.00.

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