A New Source of Information about your Credit Union


BCFCU Newsletter – A New Source of Information about your Credit Union                 April 2, 2010

Presented by President/CEO of BCFCU

BCFCU is well on its way to building the automation and operation necessary to provide trusted financial services. We unveiled our new website to you in the last issue of the BCFCU newsletter. Now, we need to educate you on how to use this tool for gathering information regarding BGCFCU.

First, you will see numerous changes in the information provided in the web site because BCFCU will only focus on the most pertinent, timely topics. As an example, one such topic is changes in BCFCU’s interest rates to continue providing you with the best rates possible, including our current loan promotion program. We encourage you to look at this opportunity for yourselves (and to indirectly assist your team members, coworkers and the community).

We are also working on continual updates in the educational section of the web site to provide you information on meaningful financial topics, like how to rebuild your credit score. BCFCU will provide education and programs to build good credit scores for members just starting into our world of credit and for those of you that have experienced problems in this area. Remember, this is your Credit Union and needs to be utilized in every way possible. By this I mean, consider using BCFCU for your savings, checking, ATM/Debit Cards, various savings programs, as well as your loans. BCFCU is currently negotiating to provide you surcharge free transactions in a large prominent  national (and local) ATM/Debit Card network that you may reach out to daily for your cash needs from savings and checking, including purchases being tied to withdrawals from your BCFCU checking account. As you can see, this is a new era for us……..one in which the Board of Directors, committees and staff are working with premier vendors to meet your “Cash” needs.

We recently added a BLOG, to our website. This is an area of the web site, where BCFCU will post questions for you to communicate back to us with comments. This allows us to focus on what is important to meet your needs. Please go out to this area and help us with feedback so we can focus on the most important financial programs.  We are also reviewing a way for you to subscribe to our newsletter, so it will be mailed directly to your private email address, upon your request.

Major changes are being implemented in order for BCFCU to be easier to do business with in these trying financial times. The good news…….. We are an option for you to have financial services provided by people that have a stake in you being successful in a dreadful economy.

BCFCU is a great benefit to our employee groups and all people who live, work, worship or go to school in Boyd County. We would like you to help us in presenting this benefit to your family members. They are able to join BCFCU and enjoy your Credit Union services…..a nice benefit to pass on to family.

Warmest regards, from the staff at BCFCU

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